A bear, a moose, a fox, a wolf and a snail were playing cards around a table.
Suddenly, the bear let out a faint roar and said: "Guys, I’m hungry.
Could someone go buy some chocolate, or whatever?"
The moose shook his head and nodded towards the fox, who irritatingly slammed his little paw on the table and muttered: "Why me? Why can’t the wolf do it?"
But the snail bravely interrupted the conversation, before it got out of hand:
"Guys, guys! There’s no reason to fight. I’ll go."
The bear smiled a little and handed the snail a few,
rolled-up dollars from his pockets: "Thanks, man. I appreciate it. While you’re at it,
buy something to drink, will ya?" The snail winked, grabbed the money and briskly started to make his way out the door.
Half an hour went by... An hour... An hour and a half... Almost two hours...
At last, the bear snapped, dropped his cards to the floor and yelled:
"Hey, you know what?
I think the little bastard took the money and just left!"
A small yet fierce scream then came from near the door: "If you’re gonna start insulting me,
I’m not leaving at all!"