SkidMark, an ex-biker, still drank pretty regular with his old ridin' buddies at the local watering hole.
The bar just happened to be a half block from his house so it was a good bet you'd see him there almost every night.
One night, after too many pitchers of beer, Skid decides it's time to head home. He stands up, takes one step and falls right to the floor. Couple of his ridin' buddies walk over and lift Skid to his feet and put him back in his chair. "Thanks, youse guys are the best," says Skid in a thankful tone. A few minutes later he stands back up and falls right to the floor again. This time, his buddies pick him up, sit him back in his chair and offer to drive him home.
"Nah, that's OK guys, ol' Skid's got it covered." He stands up one more time and goes right to the floor again. "Listen, man," says one of his buddies. "Let us give you a ride home." Skid starts crawling for the door and says: "If ya' wanna give me hand, open the door for me."
Skid crawls out to a lightpost in front of the bar, pulls himself to his feet, tries taking a step and goes right to the pavement. He thinks to himself for a second -- "This is gettin' old" -- and decides since his house is only a half block away, he'll just crawl the rest of the way.
Next morning he wakes up on the floor of his apartment with a pounding headache and blood all over his elbows. "I hear you got falling down drunk again at the bar last night," says his ol' lady from the kitchen. He raises his head up and says: "Oh, mornin' baby." Then he thinks, how the hell did she know he was out drinkin'? "Say, baby, how'd you know I was out drinkin' last night anyway. Did I smell like beer when I came home?"
His ol' lady comes walking into the room slipping her coat on and jingling the car keys in her hand and says: "The bar called this morning. You left your wheelchair there again."