A lone biker riding through the back roads of Montana pulls into a rest area and notices the facilities consist of a small outhouse and notices a Suzuki parked close by.
The biker opens up the outhouse door and finds the Suzuki rider standing there, throwing money down the hole. This guy is throwing 5's, 10's, and 20's down the hole. When the biker sees him pull out a fifty, he yells at the guy to stop.
The biker says: "Man, why are ya throwin' yer money down there?" The Suzuki rider says: "Oh man, when I stood up and pulled my pants up, a quarter fell out of my pants and went down the hole."
The biker then asks, "So, you lost a quarter. Why are ya throwin' the rest of yer money down there?"
The Suzuki rider answers, "B'cuz man, I'm not goin' down there for just a quarter!"