Mr. Sullivan, the most arrogant man who could do no wrong, was on top of Mrs Sullivan, trying his best to please her.
His butler was holding a dim lit lantern as the lights were out and the Sullivan's didn't like the darkness.
Somewhat tired, he asked mrs Sullivan "How good was it?"
"Felt nothing" she moaned.
Mr Sullivan started going harder trying to prove his masculinity.
After a little while, nearly out of breath, he asked again. "That must have felt really good, isn't it?"
"Didn't feel a thing" she yawned
Mr Sullivan's ego took big lashings. He went for it again with all his might with one life goal, to please Mrs Sullivan!
After 10 mins of non-stop hard humping, Mr Sullivan had nothing left in him and with big
glimmering hope lifted his head up to look at her pleased face, instead found her starting to doze off.
With his self respect and who blown into pieces, Mr Sullivan got up, grabbed the lantern from his butler
and ordered him to have a go at screwing Mrs Sullivan.
The butler undressed and inserted his big shaft into Mrs Sullivan, she moaned with pleasure. As he was
going deeper she was in heaven.
He stroked in and out of her for about half an hour, with her in ecstasy for the whole period screaming in pleasure and orgasmed innumerable times.
When he finished the deed. Mr Sullivan asked her how it went.
"Incredible! I had infinite orgasms. The best sex of my life!!"
Mr Sullivan turns to the butler swings him a hardest ear deafening slap.
The butler falls down and holding his blood red throbbing cheek and inquisitively looks at his master...
"THIS......, you fucking moron, This is HOW you hold the damn lantern!!" Frowned Mr Sullivan!!