The cow Elsa
A wealthy farmer is away from home for a business meeting shortly over a week now when suddenly his phone rings in the middle of the night.
The calling number is that of his country estate!
Caller: "Yes, this is your butler. I just wanted to tell you that your cow Elsa had died."
Farmer: "The cow Elsa?"
"Yes.", answers the butler and you can hear a tinge of sadness.
Farmer is confused, "I don't know any cow named Elsa."
Butler: "Well, the nice brown one who always knocked over the bucket after milking."
Farmer: "Is that all? That's why you call me?"
Butler: "Yes."
Farmer: "Well, listen, I have well over 50,000 cows, so you don't need to call me about just one cow."
Butler, audibly shaken: "I just thought you'd be interested, it was Elsa after all."
Farmer: "So please, next time you don't need to bother me about it, yes! I'll hang up now! ... Uh..., eh..., no.... hello wait a minute!"
Butler: "Yes."
Farmer: "Uh, what did the cow die of?"
Butler: "The roof of the barn fell on her head."
"The roof of the barn? How did that happen?" asks the farmer, puzzled.
Butler: "Well, the barn burned down and of course the roof couldn't hold itself up in the air by
itself and so it fell down at some point and right underneath it was the cow Elsa and I calculate that the roof was just too heavy for the cow Elsa."
"But why did the barn burn down?" asks the farmer, a hint of rage in his voice!
Butler: "Well, because of the sparks."
The farmer asks, almost roaring, "What kind of flying sparks?"
Butler: "Well, your country estate was on fire..., and the wind was very unfavorable for the cow Elsa."
Farmer, shocked: "But why did my country estate burn down?"
Butler: "Well, your son had overlooked a few steps in the vestibule, so he tripped and broke both his arms. At the same time he dropped the candlestick
with the burning candles. Of course, that was bad luck for the cow".
Farmer, now really angry: "Now tell me, why do you let my son run around with burning candles?"
Butler: "Well, we just wanted to make it a little nice for your wifes funeral."