A guy was invited to this lush party by his boss,
a very wealthy man.
He is very excited as he was born an raised poor and in poverty and had never been to a formal party before.
He borrows a tux from a friend and heads to the party. The booze was flowing free of charge so the guy has more than his share, of course.
Towards the end of the night, said guy, needed to use the bathroom, and asked the butler where it was. "Down the hall, 32 doors and to the left."...so,
down the hall he goes counts the doors and goes RIGHT. Walks in and all he could say was "WOW, this guy is really really rich, he even has a GOLDEN toilet."
He does his business and goes home.
He wakes up the next day and realizes he lost his wallet, only thing he can think of is it must have fell out when he was on the toilet.
So, he hops in his car and drives on over to his boss's house.
The butler answers the door and he says "hey, I think I dropped my wallet next to your golden toilet".
The butler turns his head and yells "HEY CHARLIE, HERE'S THE GUY THAT POOPED IN YOUR TUBA!!!"