Googles First Twitter Post

Google's first Twitter post was written in binary code.

Google made history today when it sent its first ever tweet. The message, simply "I'm feeling lucky," was sent out at 3:00 p.m. EST and is seen as a significant milestone for the tech giant.

Google's Twitter account, which was created in July of this year, has been followed by millions of users since its launch. The company's first tweet has received an overwhelming response from users who have found the message both humorous and inspiring.

The message has also sparked speculation about Google's plans for the future and what the company will do with its new platform. Some believe that Google will use Twitter to share news and updates about its products and services, while others think the company may be looking to expand its reach.

Regardless of what Google has planned for its Twitter account, it's clear that the company has made a huge splash with its first tweet. It's an exciting time for the tech giant and its users, and no doubt there will be plenty more to come from Google in the future.

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