Skydive: World Record Broken as Jumpers Leap From Record-Breaking Height

Today marks a historic day for skydiving, as three brave adventurers jump from an unprecedented height of 34,000 feet. The daring jumpers, including professional skydiver Felix Baumgartner, leapt from a hot-air balloon over Roswell, New Mexico, this morning and plummeted to earth, breaking the world record for the highest-ever skydive.

The jump took place as part of a scientific experiment to study the effects of atmospheric pressure and the effects of human physiology in extreme altitudes. The entire experience was monitored by a team of professionals, including doctors, engineers, and meteorologists, who had been preparing for the jump for months.

After the jumpers had leapt from the balloon, they experienced a few minutes of freefall before their parachutes opened and they descended to the ground. The jumpers are expected to land safely in the desert near Roswell, and after the successful completion of the jump, Baumgartner will be officially crowned the holder of the world record for the highest-ever skydive. Today's jump was a remarkable and remarkable feat that has set a new benchmark in skydiving. It is a testament to the bravery of the three jumpers and the team of professionals who were involved in the project.