Today marks a historic day in the world of extreme sports as one brave skydiver took a daring leap of faith while getting a tattoo.

The skydiver, identified only as “Skydiver Dan”, leapt from a plane at 12,000 feet above the ground and had a tattoo artist accompany him on the jump. The artist, identified as “Tattoo Tom”, gave Dan a tattoo during the freefall portion of the jump, making the jump the first of its kind ever attempted.

The tattoo, which Dan requested be a tribute to his late father, was completed just seconds before Dan deployed his parachute. The skydive was recorded on video and posted on social media, where it quickly went viral.

The stunt was met with both awe and concern from the skydiving community, as some feared that the combination of the extreme altitude and the additional distraction posed a risk to Dan’s safety. Despite the risks, Dan successfully completed the jump and landed safely while proudly displaying his new tattoo. This daring jump is sure to be remembered for years to come, and will serve as a testament to the courage and spirit of extreme sports enthusiasts.