Why are lawyers always so charming?
Because they have their own appeal.

Why did the elephant lawyer lose his case?
Because his argument was irrele-phant.

Why didn't the deaf lawyer come to his court case today?

He lost his hearing.

How did the lawyer know that the knight wasn't the culprit?
He had an iron-clad alibi!

What did the lawyer name his newborn daughter?

Why did the lawyer have so much trouble fighting Santa's case?
He came with a clause.

What did the lawyer do to get convicted of first-degree murder?
Start his free trial.

What do barristers always keep with themselves to smell good?
A judge-mint.

Why did the law student go to the court wearing a shirt with no sleeves?
Because he had the right to bare arms.

Why wasn't the convicted law student able to go back to his apartment?
Because he didn't get re-leased.

What did the divorce law student want to name his firm?
Null and void.

What do law students need to make any event a success?
At least two parties.

Why didn't the shabby law student pass his final exams?
He didn't make a good appearance.

Why was the law student not allowed to sleep on the bench?
He was served a bench warrant.

Why did the law student not come back to court after paying his fees?
He didn't have a personal bond.

Why did the airline win the case against the law student?
He forgot his arguments in the brief.

Why did the law student not win his case?
He had no conviction.

How did the young law student end up scoring the best grades in her class?
She closely studied her flaws.