A man faces a violation for adding horse meat to the chicken stew in his restaurant.
At the court he’s asked why he did it and how much horse meat was in those stew.
"For the money of course and I solemnly swear I always kept the ratio 50:50!"
While the infraction caused many unhappy customers, upon seeing the man’s honesty the judge decides not to revoke his license.
However he in turn must always advertise that horse is part of the ingredients.
With a sigh of relief, the restaurant owner pays the fine and walks out of the court house with his wife and friend He friend asked him: "Did you really put horse meat or did you add anything else with the chicken?"
"Nope. Only horse meat and chicken".
"Now tell me the truth man, come on, it was mostly horse meat wasn’t it?" "Nope. It was always 50:50... one horse per one chicken."