While walking through a courthouse, a kid enters an empty courtroom.
He sees a fine leather briefcase (the kind the lawyers carry) sitting on the table, picks it up and exits through the back door of the courtroom into the judge's chambers. And who should be sitting there - the judge.
Judge: "Hey kid, are you familiar with the liquor store across the street from the courthouse?"
Kid: "Yeah?"
Judge: "Good, I want you to go across the street and steal me a bottle of booze."
The kid runs across the street, enters the liquor store, and when the proprietor is not looking, slips a fifth into the briefcase and brings it back to the judge. The judge immediately opens the bottle and swigs half of it.
Judge: "Hey kid, I need you to run another errand. There's a contractor, Slapdash Construction, next to the liquor store.
Go to them and tell them that the judge sent you. They'll give you a brown paper bag. Bring it back to me."
The kid runs to Slapdash Construction, tells them that the judge sent him, receives a brown paper bag filled with fifties and hundreds, puts it into the briefcase and takes it to the judge.
Judge: "Kid, you did great. Now unzip my fly."
Kid: "Hey wait a minute mister. I'm not a real attorney; I just found this briefcase in the courtroom."