After his death, the family court judge found herself with the devil in a room filled with clocks.
Each clock turned at a different speed and was labeled with the name of a different occupation.
After examining all the clocks, the judge turned to the devil and said: "I have two questions. First, why does each clock move at a different speed?"

"They turn at the rate at which the members of that occupation collectively sin on earth," replied the devil.
"What's your second question?"
"Well," said the judge. "I can't seem to find my occupation. Where is the 'family court judges' clock?"
The devil momentarily looked confused, and he started checking the clocks. "They should all be here," he muttered, looking frantically, "It has to be here somewhere...
Oh, there will be Hell to pay for this."
Suddenly, the devil relaxed, slapped himself on the forehead, and exclaimed, "Oh, yes! How silly of me. We keep that clock in the workshop and use it for a fan."