An army general, a navy admiral, and a marine brigadier were arguing about which branch had the bravest men.
To settle the argument, they each called their bravest enlisted man to attention.
The admiral called out Seaman Jones.
"Seaman Jones, I want you to climb up that flagpole!"
The sailor saluted, climbed the flagpole, and came back down.
"That's nothing," said the general. "Private Smith, I want you to climb that flagpole, stand on top, and salute!" The private, with no hesitation, climbed the flagpole,
stood on top, and saluted, then came back down.
"Ha! Watch this," the brigadier retorted. "Private Adams,
I want you to climb that flagpole, stand on top, sing the national anthem, salute, and jump off!"
The marine private looked at the flagpole, looked at the brigadier, and said: "Go to hell, Sir!"
The brigadier beamed, turned back to the general and the admiral and said: "See! Now THAT is brave!"
Soldier:Just one sir!
soldier:Why dont they allow gay pople in the army?
General:Corpral shoot that man!!
Corpral:I cant sir he's kind of cute!